Shop, Save Money and Donate to a Charity!

This may seem like a silly reason to type up a post but I LOVE when Gap does this every year.  (Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy).  It’s the Gap Give & Get Program.  It runs over the course of a few days, but what happens is HUGE!  You get an email for 30% off your purchase March 17-20 (dates change each year), but within that email you click a link to pick a charity of your choice who will then receive a donation equal to 5% of what you spent, without you spending any additional cash.  Who doesn’t win?! It’s awesome!
This year I decided to give to Habitat for Humanity!  
I’ve been wanting to do a little bit of spring clothes shopping, so now I have more reason to go to Gap.  Habitat for Humanity – enjoy my 5%! 🙂
If anyone is interested in joining the Gap Give & Get Program this round through, let me know and I can send you an email to join. 
With that all said, I want to touch on the devastation going on in Japan and how we can help but right now is not the time.  I want the updated facts and I want to do my research to find out some of the ways we can help donate.  Obviously, my heart goes out to everyone there and I fear for the continued devastation that keeps popping up on my phone with the CNN news updates.  I’m also extremely grateful that my part of So Cal has been safe of any after affects.  More on this topic to come. 
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