All Women Are Princesses. It Is Our Right.

I’m on a stint of watching movies from my childhood.  And I don’t mean old cartoon-based Disney movies, I mean movies like ‘Little Women’ and ‘A Little Princess.’  Movies that have some full fledged cheese moments but take me back to the days when I didn’t have to worry about having enough money to cover rent, cell phone bills, and gas for my car every month.  Movies that just make you happy regardless if they’re actually “good” movies.  I hope to be adding several more of these types of movies to my Netflix queue in the coming weeks, but ‘A Little Princess’ was the one I watched just the other day.  Super cheese moments + teary eyed moments + a great theme.

“All women are princesses.  It is our right.” – A Little Princess

Gentlemen, remember this!

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One Response to All Women Are Princesses. It Is Our Right.

  1. Mom says:

    Are you going to be tuning into the real-life princess wedding in a couple of weeks? I am thinking I will get up in the wee hours of the morning to watch it. I was about your age when I watched Princess Di marry Charles. 🙂

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