Back to Bed

Who spends the day before their birthday in bed sick?  Yes, yes that would be me.  For someone who takes such good care of her body by eating right and getting regular exercise, it sure keeps shutting down on me this year.  I’ve still got lingering effects of last weeks cold but we have now added in the ever so lovely world of stomach bug?  I thought it was just a veggie burger gone bad in my freezer last night but after not being able to keep my toast down this morning, I’m getting concerned again.  

Crackers + ginger ale, please be my friend.

I’m supposed to be celebrating my birthday this evening with friends, and at the rate I’m going, 
I could very well be spending it with a bottle of water instead of a glass of wine. 😦

Oh and despite all of this, I still really want to go for a run.  My new shoes have me smitten…

So for now, back to bed I go.  

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One Response to Back to Bed

  1. Mom says:

    You're right! Birthday eve is not the time to feel sick. I hope you are feeling much better when you wake up.
    Enjoy your night!

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