Melanie Fiona

An old friend of mine from the dorms in college posted this on her Facebook the other day with comments raving about it.  She is someone who I remembered having pretty good tastes in music so I trusted that if I started watching it, chances were I’d at least kind of enjoy it.  My response?  HOW had I not heard of Melanie Fiona before?  Amazing!  I will be purchasing the new album along with older ones as well.  

This girl knows how to evoke emotion in her music.  That’s no easy task.  Trust me, I’m the girl who broke down in tears in one of her vocal classes in high school when a professor claimed I didn’t know what a song was about.  Truth was that I knew all too well about the pain in the song, but I had a fear of letting it show.  This professor took me to the extreme (crying while singing) so that they could just wheel me back in and sing the song with the same emotion but without the tears.  Yes that was a professor I wished I had met before my last semester in the vocal department…Wow, that was a tangent.

Boy do I love discovering new music! 🙂

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