I’ll be sore tomorrow…

I caught the end of a group exercise class over the weekend (on cranky day to be exact) and decided it was time I broke my fear of group exercise and gave it a whirl.  I invited my friend Justine to join and we set out today to try “Body Works + Abs” at our local gym.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect but knowing that I work on 5-6 days a week and generally do at least 20 minutes of yoga 4-5 days a week, I figured I could probably handle this class.
…boy was I wrong!  I made it through, don’t get me wrong but it was definitely harder than I was anticipating.  I also think choosing to lift weights the day before (+ carry around 21” & 27” iMacs and Displays last night) was maybe not the smartest idea.  Now I couldn’t help the carrying computers around at work but the weights, I could.  But again, I didn’t know what to expect from this class.  So much so that I was planning to stay after to bike or elliptical.  I got about 5 minutes cardio prior to class to chat with Justine and then the madness began.  
The good news is that we made it through!  The bad news is that tomorrow we will both hardly be able to move our bodies.  Quite honestly, it hurts to move my body at all which is why I’m staying firmly planted on my couch this evening.
I have to tell you that despite the pain it put me through, the frustration I felt that I couldn’t finish full exercises at times and needed to stop and stretch, it was nice to sweat!  It was nice to change up my regular weights + cardio routine and challenge myself in a different way.  Because of that, I’m going to try and be more outgoing to join group exercise on a more regular basis (maybe once a week?).  Not necessarily this class per se, but some form of group exercise.  Maybe I’ll conquer my fear of spinning next! 

I love my workouts and disagree with this cartoon but still found it HILARIOUS!

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