Mid-Way Check Point

I’m half way through my 30 day yoga challenge.  Technically, yesterday was day 15 but I was too tired to post my check point last night after getting home from my coffee date with my friend Heather.
I have to tell you I am absolutely loving this challenge.  In no way has it been easy.  I’ve loved it but making myself go to yoga every single day is no easy task.  As with everyone, there are days I just want to be lazy and spend the entire day sitting on my couch but I made a promise to myself that I was going to successfully complete this challenge, and so I will.
Despite the challenges, I have loved the process.  I love taking the habits learned and used in class and applying them to my everyday life.  Sometimes it’s just as simple as letting out a big sigh to release the tension built up inside my body.  And it works. 
While I’m enjoying this journey, I’m also looking forward to finishing the challenge so I can find the best balance between lifting, cardio and yoga; all aspects of fitness that I find important, as well as enjoy.
So for now I continue to push forward with each day, trying new classes and new instructors as fits into my schedule and continuing to enjoy the classes I’ve come to love and crave to attend each week.  I will keep you all updated and continue to embrace and appreciate your support as I move forward. 


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