Geekin’ Out

To say I’m geekin’ out over here would be an understatement.  We know I’m a tech-nerd; I work at Apple, it’s almost a given.  And just like all of the other tech-nerds out there, any day Apple has an announcement (or the current WWDC event) you know I’m definitely excited to hear what’s going to be said.
I worked today but I didn’t get to-the-minute updates as to what was happening.  I was able to get a few snippets as my co-workers returned from breaks having checked out the numerous live feeds, but I knew what I really wanted (and needed) to do was watch the keynote.  And BOY AM I EXCITED!
“It just works.”
Oh yes, yes it does! 
It’s days like this that I can’t help but be proud and excited about the company that I work for and it’s future.  If you feel like geekin’ out or you’re interested in watching today’s WWDC Special Event Keynote, go here.


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One Response to Geekin’ Out

  1. B says:

    Ma soeur, pour ceux d'entre nous qui ne parlent pas Mac, qu'est-ce que ça signifie: WWDC2011? Merci beaucoup.

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