I had one post all typed up and ready to go and last minute, I decided to change it.  I had this fear that I would worry everyone too much, though I was ready to start taking bets on how much time would go by before my family started flooding my inbox with emails about how much I need to go to the doctor.  Let’s just say that after the chest pain I experienced today, the “make doctors appointments” that’s been on my To-Do list for the last several months, is getting moved up with top priority!
And while I don’t have cancer (at least I hope not), the whole thing got me into thinking about the overall health of not only myself, but everyone.  I’m a 24 year old who eats well and stays active and despite having a few health issues, I still consider myself a healthy human being.  Today I was reminded that despite my best efforts, I still need to make it to the doctor more often than I do and at least have a doctor on hand in LA as my go-to for days like today.
While it may seem like a long shot, all of this made me think of Livestrong, a company that fights to help people with cancer.  I just love companies that are based around helping others and their health.




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