What do you see?

I have so many thoughts racing through my head.  My to-do list is rapidly growing before I have a chance to even put it to paper.  I’m afraid I’m going to forget or overlook things.  But despite any and all of my fears, I feel optimistic.  I feel happy and excited.  I feel like certain aspects of my life are falling together.  I feel certain the other aspects of my life that I want and hope for every day will some day fall into place as well.
And while I have your attention, have you ever stopped and wondered why looking a stranger in the eye is so awkward?  I don’t really have the answer but it’s something I’ve been noticing more and more lately.  And it just gets my brain on this crazy rampage of thinking and looking for possible reasons why.  And wondering how things could be different, if we allowed ourselves the ability and openness to look someone in the eye who we don’t know.  What would we see?  Who could we meet?  Food for thought.

What do you see?

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