Making up for lost time..

I must apologize tremendously for my lack of posting but internet access (aside from the 3G service on my iPhone) has been hard to come by this weekend.  While my friends are working today I decided to transport myself to Starbucks for a cup of coffee and free internet on this rainy day in NYC.
This isn’t going to be the post that shares my experience and everything I learned at the Healthy Living Summit but rest assured that is coming!  It will probably wait until I get back to LA so I can spend the required time and energy that it deserves on the post.  (As in, I’ll probably write it on the plane and hit “publish” when I get back to my apartment). 


I didn’t want to leave anyone hanging on last week’s workouts:
SAT 8/13
10 min abs & stretch
10 min buns & stretch
10 min arms & stretch
10 min abs & stretch
I didn’t feel like going to the gym or yoga today but I still wanted to be active and move my body.  I decided that doing a few “8 min ___” sessions was a reasonable compromise with myself and a way to look at more exercise options you could use when traveling.  And after completing this little sequence, I was tired and a little sore.  I wouldn’t do this every day but it’s a nice way to change things up when you’re feeling bored at the gym, don’t want to go or don’t have the time.
SUN 8/14
35-40 mins walk/run (3.1 miles)
MON 8/15
35 mins elliptical
20 mins legs, abs and stretching
TUES 8/16
A girl’s gotta rest
WED 8/17
90 mins yoga
43 mins walk/run (3.6 miles)
THURS 8/18
FRI 8/19
I’m heading back to my friend’s apartment to enjoy the rest of the day! There is yoga planned for later and I’m super excited!!
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