Fitness Friday

Another relatively easy week of workouts due to traveling and trying to get back into the swing of my life again.
SAT 8/20/11
30 mins walk/run (2.5 miles)
SUN 8/21/11
90 mins walk through Philly (5k as part of the HLS group)
20 min walk through Central Park NYC (It was a nice day and after the train and subway, I didn’t feel like also taking a bus)
MON 8/22/11
60 mins yoga w/ Lisa
Walking through NYC
TUES 8/23/11
Rest / Travel
WED 8/24/11
35 mins elliptical
THURS 8/25/11
30 mins run/walk (2.45 miles)
25-30 mins arms & stretching – lifted heavy and it felt great!
FRI 8/26/11
90 mins yoga
(I technically haven’t gone yet but will be going after work!)


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