Healthy Living Summit Recap #1

Could I have taken any longer to recap my weekend at the Healthy Living Summit?  I’m saying probably not and while I should probably be spending my evening do other things, I don’t want to do them, I want to share my experiences at HLS!
I arrived to Philly around 10:30/11 AM and went straight to the hotel hoping I’d be able to check-in early.  To my delight, I was able to and spent the afternoon in the hotel room napping and relaxing after traveling for the last 10+ hours.
My first roommate to arrive was Amy (Setting Goals, Taking Chances).  We walked around the hotel a bit chatting and getting to know each other until it was time for early check-in.  We got our HLS t-shirts and swag bags and then headed back to the room.  When we got back, we dug through our bags in amazement of all the fun things hiding inside.!

After a quick freshen up, we headed over to the Reading Terminal Market for the welcome cocktail party. 

The cocktail party was fun but super overwhelming!  At times I felt my social anxiety taking over and it was very difficult for me to just go up to people and start talking, so I was very happy when others came and introduced themselves.  Thankfully I had Amy there and since she was kind of feeling the same way, we were never able to feel alone.

We had some delicious food and drinks and took crazy photos in the photo booth!

Friday night was fun but we all really came for Saturday!  And thankfully, my other roommate for the weekend, Danielle (Dani Eats Veggies) made it!  She was sad she missed the cocktail party due to transportation problems but happy she made it, and so were we!
I totally stole this picture from Amy’s blog. 🙂

After an ice breaker activity, we broke up for the day’s sessions.  There were a few hours we could choose between two different panels but then we would come together to see our keynote speaker, Dawn Jackson Blatner.  (More about her in a future post).
The panels I attended were fun and really interesting.  Here’s what my day looked like:
-Budgeting for  Healthy Lifestyle with Lauren

-Utilizing Social Media to Network and Make Friends in Your Area with Theodora, Ashley and Cynthia

-The Numbers Game with Tina, Beth, Janetha and Lisa

The ladies are being introduced by Katy

-Monetizing Your Blog (Without Selling Out) with Katy

Super fun and informative sessions.  I need to review all of my notes (Yes I took notes! Lots of them!) and hope to tell you more about what I learned soon!

And this whole event was planned by Meghann from Meals and Miles and she did an INCREDIBLE job! 

More to come about the Sunday morning Fun Run and Dawn Jackson Blatner’s presentation at HLS.  I’m too tired to keep writing tonight and her talks were so good, I want to be awake when I write about them! 🙂

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4 Responses to Healthy Living Summit Recap #1

  1. Yay for HLS! Can we go back now?!

  2. Aww I wish we could have met. I have social anxiety too and it takes a lot to put myself out there. Congrats for stepping outside your comfort zone.

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