Fitness Friday

Are you all with me out there?  Even though working in retail means not having weekends off, there’s something about Friday that just feels good.  Maybe it’s because I had yesterday off and today is (hopefully) only a half day.  Or maybe it’s because I’ve gotten in some amazing workouts this week and my body and mind are feeling better than they have the last couple weeks, despite working like a crazy woman.  Either way…
Thank Goodness It’s Friday!!

Sat 9/10/11
20 mins incline speed walking
**This was a very stressful day and 20 mins was all I could give myself.  I knew I needed to go home and just relax.**
Sun 9/11/11
15 mins abs
25 mins stair master
25 mins elliptical
Mon 9/12/11
90 mins yoga
Tues 9/13/11
15 mins biking to grocery store
But really this was a rest day. 🙂
Wed 9/14/11
35 mins abs, arms, stretch
20 mins elliptical
Thurs 9/15/11
55 mins walk/run (4.8 miles!)
20 mins abs and stretch
Fri 9/16/11
35 mins abs, legs, stretch
15 mins stationary bike
I decided to continue my unlimited yoga at The Yoga Collective despite the summer special being over so I’m hoping there will be more yoga in my schedule (maybe even this afternoon?)  There’s also going to be some training starting soon – get.excited! 
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