I want to be a veela

I’ve been zooming my way through the Harry Potter books, feeling like a little bit of a nerd (and a late one at that) but I also haven’t cared.  I’m enjoying reading these books right now and really that’s all that matters in my opinion.  (And I’m sure my reading teacher mother would agree.)
Anyway, I’m working my way through Book 4 (The Goblet of Fire) and while it feels like it’s taking me awhile, I’m also reminding myself that this book is at least 2x as long as the others so I’m really right on pace.  But I sitting around the other day reading and found myself thinking “it might be fun to be a veela for a day.”  …what?!  That thought process quickly changed to “you need a little less time with these books and a little more time with your friends.”
Thankfully that happened and I spent my whole day yesterday with two of my good friends.  After hanging out with Amy all afternoon, chatting over tea, I had a quick dinner and went with Justine to Yogurtland for some froyo and catch-up.  Despite the fact that Justine lives 5 mins away, it had been nearly a month since we’d seen each other.  I lent her the 2nd and 3rd HP books to enjoy.  But I also mentioned my rather nerdy veela thought and her response was “have you seen the Harvard Quidditch team?” “uhh…no?”  She directed me to youtube Harvard Quidditch and sure enough, it exists.  And apparently, it’s not a joke.  Have you all seen this?

I’m not trying to hate but I am a bit confused.  And maybe also slightly concerned.
P.S. You’re Harvard, I’d also like to think you can find a better way to “recreate” Quidditch… 😉

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