Just a bag in the wind

I mentioned the other day how I’m emotionally ready to return to my normal exercise routine.  Today couldn’t prove that point any more.
It wasn’t a bad day but emotionally it was challenging.  I wasn’t feeling well + my exhaustion peaked (tomorrow’s day off couldn’t come soon enough) and to top it all off, I returned to my car to find a ticket because my registration is out of date.  That brings up a whole other issue and my annoyance with the state of California but I’m pretty sure I can fight this.  At least I hope so….(I really can’t afford to pay for things that aren’t necessary right now).
Also one of my friends looked at me today and said “you should move to NYC…and we can frolic through the leaves together.”  …I really do miss it there.  I’m not sure that’s where I’m supposed to be but I’m also not sure LA is where I’m supposed to be either.  I kind of just feel like I’m a plastic bag being blown around on a windy day.
I know I will eventually find my place and get myself settled but right now, with all that has been going on with my health, career, family, car and finances, I’m having a hard time feeling content with where I am.  I’m working on that though.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep being the bag blowing in the wind.

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