Music Monday // A Charlie Brown Christmas

I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that Christmas is SUNDAY!  Can you believe it?  Ever since moving to LA over 2 years ago, I have a hard time feeling like it’s Christmas when it doesn’t get all cold and snow.  The snowflake shaped lights and Christmas decorations all around just don’t have the same affect when the weather is still in the 60s.
But despite that, I still do my best each year to make it feel like Christmas and get in the festive spirit.  I have been listening to the non-stop Christmas music station in my car, watching random Christmas movies on Netflix and Hulu, and lighting up my Christmas tree anytime I’m going to be in the living room.  I think it’s working, at least kind of.
Last night as I was sitting around my living room (resting and relaxing from surgery) hanging out with Amy, I had the A Charlie Brown Christmas music playing in the background.  It’s honestly one of my favorite Christmas albums; plus it allows me to sit back and relax.
I still need to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas so I think I should add that to the agenda for this afternoon.
I mean seriously, how does this not make you happy?

Go watch A Charlie Brown Christmas or listen to the album.  You’ll be happy.  I can almost guarantee it!

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One Response to Music Monday // A Charlie Brown Christmas

  1. jeannettey says:

    Hey! I just found your blog! I really like it!
    I live near Chicago, so it definitely feels like Christmas from the snow! I also have the holiday station on whenever I can, and turn on my Christmas tree when I'm in the room! It's such a nice feeling : ) I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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