Greetings From LAX!

Yesterday ended up being a super busy day. I found myself running from work to the gym, home to shower and finishing packing, to check a friends apartment, to hanging with a friend, to hanging with another. And I felt like I was moving at snails pace and things were taking longer than they should.

But here I am, all got done, and (so far) all is good! I got to the airport rather early since my ride had somewhere to be, but I’d always rather be early than late. And it showed to be good timing. Lines grew behind me to check my bag, in security, and buying a coffee. I’m hoping to continue this little lucky streak. 🙂

I’m flying Virgin America, and if you’ve ever flown it before, you know how nice it is. And if you haven’t, you really have no idea what you’re missing. Virgin is by far my favorite airline, hands down!

I’ll hopefully be doing some work on the flight and reading Harry Potter 6. I’m off the eat my packed pb sandwich and coffee.

See you in Chicago!

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