Music Monday

I grew up on Country music.  This was before it was “popular.”  Country is all that my dad listens to so going home means that anytime we are in the car together, we’re listening to country.  I listen to a bit of country so it’s never bothered me, but there’s just something about hearing it when I’m in Illinois that just takes me back.  And I can’t help but feel a bit country if I’m driving in my dad’s pickup truck while listening to it…
Anyway, while I was home “I’m In a Hurry” by Alabama came on and I made a comment to my parents about how this song had been on country radio for years!  I remember listening to it as a kid, so talk about nostalgia.  It may not be new music; it may not even be the best music, but country music, especially this song, takes me back.

Do you have any music that takes you back to your childhood?

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