Why We Should Drink More Coffee

While I was home in IL I got a free 3 day (trial) pass to my family’s gym so I could get in a bit of exercise while I was home.  It was nice to spend some time at the gym, now that my energy is returning and my body is feeling up to more regular workouts.  (Speaking of more regular workouts – I lifted for the first time since November today and left with my arms shaking.  It felt amazing!)
Anyway, I generally spent a good chunk of my cardio reading Harry Potter 6 but after forgetting my book one afternoon, I just picked up a magazine from the gym’s shelf and happened to see this:
I forget which magazine I was reading, but one of those “women’s ones”
While this may say “older women,” I’m choosing this to mean it’s affective for younger women as well.  And if you’re a gentleman out there, if I were you, I’d take it to include you too.  Because you know, we just can’t get enough coffee! 😉

Are you addicted to coffee too? 

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