Music Monday // Everybody Talks

It was close to 2 years ago when I first heard of Neon Trees.  I don’t remember how but somehow I ran across “Animal” and absolutely loved it.  I found the album, Habits, and it quickly became my running album of late spring/early summer.  I remember asking my boss if he’d heard of the band to which he said “yes” and thought they were pretty good, but after convincing me to let him listen to the whole album came back that he wasn’t sold.

They went big several weeks later.

I hadn’t heard much from them in awhile so I must admit I was really excited when I heard the new single on the radio a couple weeks ago.  I had a moment of “is this?…could it be?…wait…it IS!”

There’s a new album coming out that’s currently slated for a March release called Picture Show and I can.not.wait!

At least in the meantime, we have this gem to get us through.

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