Fitness Friday // Live Fit Week 3 Recap

I’ve been talking about how I wished there was more abdominal work involved in the Jamie Eason 12 Week Live Fit program.  Well, it just so happened that she addresses that issue at the start of Week 3.  She believes ab definition is mostly diet related and while I do agree to an extent, I eat well (for the most part) but can tell a difference (even if it’s just mentally) how I feel about my mid-section when I at least add planks to my workout.  So I have.  Deal with it.

And despite the fact that that Phase 1 says you don’t need to add any cardio, I have.  I like it.  Deal with it.

Otherwise, I think the program is going really well.  Whether you can physically see any changes in my muscle strength and definition, I can.  That’s what counts.  Deal with it.

I’m looking forward to  seeing this program through and seeing exactly where my strength is at and how I feel about it once this program is finished.  For now, we continue forward.  (Deal with it?)

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