I Win!

Today for some people will be tense, for me, it will be enjoyed.  After getting off work, I’ll drive home and walk over to a friend’s to watch the game and chill.  It’ll just be a few girls enjoying the game, each other’s company and a drink.

The others may have a pick for the game but I’m pretty sure I win either way:

-I lived (and loved) Boston – Go Patriots!

-I lived (and loved) NYC – Go Giants!

I was living in New Jersey the last time the Giants and Patriots were in the SuperBowl together and you better believe it was intense.  My friends all gathered and there was a mix of friends from NY, Boston or dating someone from one of those places.

But like last time, I feel like I win either way.  YES!

Good luck to whichever team you’re rooting for today!

P.S. Did you see my “about” page? It was completely revamped yesterday!

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