Feb Photo a Day Round-Up

If I don’t talk about it we can pretend it’s not Valentine’s Day, right?



There has been a lot more photo taking this week as the #FebPhotoADay Challenge continues.  It’s been fun!


And just for the record, I’m not that anti-Valentine’s Day but I do think it’s very much a Hallmark holiday that allows us single folks to feel poorly about our single-hood or reminds us of current dating troubles.

Thankfully for me, there will be chocolate, snacks, wine and a bunch of awesome ladies to spend the evening with.

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2 Responses to Feb Photo a Day Round-Up

  1. stopped by here while I was at Cait’s plate 😀

    Happy single’s awareness day 😀 glad to see there is someone else out there who’s happy/content with being single for now!

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