I Will Live Through You

This was one of those weeks that has not only flown by, it’s dragged along.  Did you know that was possible?

Here we are on Saturday, which I often have off but I’m at work.  It’s okay but having lost my day off on Wednesday to the migraine that’s owned this week, I kind of feel like I’m playing catch-up.  My meal planning is behind.  My post planning is behind.  My bills haven’t been paid.  Some cards are waiting to be sent out.  And a check is waiting to be deposited into my bank account.

Thankfully that check is not my pay check.  That is safe and sound.  At least until I find myself at Crossroads Trading Co in need of some new clothes.  Or at Trader Joes with a bag of power berries staring me in the face.  (Those dang power berries!  Pretty sure I could eat a whole bag if I’d let myself…)


The week kicked my butt and that seems to have been a theme among many people I’ve talked to or blogs I’ve read.  Is something funky going on in the stars?  Where are my astrology people? Fill me in.


Any fun plans for the weekend?  

Please let me live vicariously through you…

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One Response to I Will Live Through You

  1. Hannah @ Eat, Drink and Save Money says:

    It has been long for me too! School + work is bring me down. But I am taking a break today for a chili cook off! Hope this weekend can recharge you!

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