Music Monday

I’m sure most people aren’t strangers to Foster the People or at least know their song, “Pumped Up Kicks.”  Well, I’ve been on a kick (pun not intended!) lately listening to them while at the gym during my strength training sessions.  They give me just enough energy to push through some of the harder sets.

Well the last few times “I Would Do Anything For You” came on, I found myself having a hard time not singing along.  You know how you go through spurts of playing a song on repeat and not getting sick of it?

No? That’s just me? 

Well, either way, that’s what this song is for me.  So even if you know the band, know their album, know this song, I thought it’d be fun to refresh your memory on some good music.  Because sometimes, it’s just fun to “find” the music you’ve been listening to but has been hiding in your library again.



Someone posted this the other day and I don’t remember who but I saved it to my phone because I thought it was so awesome.  Especially after Saturday’s post, I don’t think this could speak anymore truth:

What music have you rediscovered in your library recently? 

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