Music Monday // Tycho

I don’t listen to a lot of purely instrumental music.  I’m not really sure why because it’s one of those things that usually sends me directly into a relaxation mode.  Doesn’t really matter if that’s the point of the music or not.  I think it’s something about not being tempted to sing along because, well, I can’t.

I love when I find new music, especially that I already own but just don’t realize it.  I love downloading the weekly Single of the Week from iTunes but I often forget to check it out after downloading it.  I’m not exactly sure why but it’s become a habit to download and move on.  This is a habit that I need to break, especially when there’s bands like Tycho out there.

So they don’t just play instrumental music but I found them through their free download on iTunes (from who knows when?), which was an instrumental/synth song called “Walk” and instantly fell in love.

I can’t recommend enough checking out Tycho and their album Dive.

And if you’ve heard of them and never told me…rude! 😉

What’s been on your playlist this week?

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