The End of the Stay-cation

Well people, my Stay-Cation has come to an end.  As you read this, I’m back in front of my iMac making my way through the hundreds and hundreds of emails that are awaiting my return.  Oh boy…

Yesterday was the perfect ending to my Stay-cation!  I started my day with a trip to the gym and unfortunately, I didn’t think through my workout enough and fatigued way too quickly (you don’t do two days in a row of legs…bad Katie!) but I was able to finish most of it and it was a good reminder to plan ahead better.  After a delicious breakfast + coffee, I picked up Amy and we made our way to Zena Day Spa for a massage.

One of the massuese got a flat tire and so they didn’t take either of us until both were there…at least 45 minutes late!  To kill time we sat and waited, and then we played in the steam room.  I say played because we kept going in and out as it got too hot inside and then too cold outside waiting.  It was like a weird game.  But finally we got our hour long Swedish massages and could completely just relax.  After a quick shower we made our way to Tender Greens for lunch and then stopped at the store for some champagne and orange juice.

…Mimosas anyone?

While sipping our mimosas and eating way too many chocolate cookies, we booked our flights to Boston and New York for July!

My friend Justine is getting married and after telling Amy I wanted to make a mini-vacay out of my trip east, she asked to join as she’s never been to Boston or New York! Sweet! Travel Buddy!  (She’ll leave the day of the wedding while I continue on, but I’ll have company up until then!)

We then made our way to Costco for some groceries.  I swear I deserve a sticker for surviving a trip to Costco on a Saturday….what were we thinking?

Can I have a sticker? Source

Despite some ups and downs through the Stay-cation, I’d consider it a success!

What fun things did you do this weekend?

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One Response to The End of the Stay-cation

  1. Simply Life says:

    Stay-cations are definitely a must in the midst of a busy schedule!

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