A few things that make me laugh…

-When people make jokes about me having hot flashes because they think it’s a joke.  HA! Trick’s on you!

-When I make my dinner only to realize it’s all the same color…oops! (And to think I thought about having a mimosa to go with it.  I didn’t.)

-How accurate to my life this is…

(I can’t find where I found this!!)

-The fact that I get AARP cards in the mail at least once a month.  No, I’m not kidding.  And despite my hot flashes, I swear I’m only 24…

-The fact that I work next to the beach and often forget I can spend my breaks there.

 Okay, that doesn’t make me laugh.  It makes me cry because that’s sad.

-That I’m on double baby watch at work…no joke.  And it makes me nervous as all get out!  I feel like it only proves that I shouldn’t have babies.

-And the fact that just the mere presence of flowers can make me feel better and improve my mood.

The real question is why I haven’t bought any recently? Or why hasn’t anyone sent any? 😉

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2 Responses to A few things that make me laugh…

  1. Vanessa says:

    I’m not exactly sure of what you meant by double baby watch, but isn’t it funny how once you reach a certain age every little thing makes someone ask if you’re pregnant? A pain in your leg, a sneeze, etc. It just cracks me up when people say that over something so silly.

    • one of my coworkers is pregnant and the wife of one of my managers is also pregnant. Both are due any day now, so I’m on call for potential phone calls coming in saying “it’s go time” or a poor girl going “please drive me to the hospital.” Our phones were vibrating on the desk as we got texts and both my manager and I would jump expecting it to be the “go time” call…sheesh! I’m sure we were a sight to see! 😉

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