Fitness Friday

While my ankle is on the mend, it was replaced with a cold that made exercise more difficult but that just means it’s another week where I listen to my body and it’s limits.  Doing that always makes me feel good so I can’t really complain.

I’m determined to do yoga this evening because I must stick with my commitment, otherwise it was a pretty simple week and I can’t wait to get back to the Live Fit program and conquer Phase 3.  I’m going to start it over since my ankle made it difficult, but I got enough of a taste of it’s challenge and can’t wait to figure out how to kick it’s butt while letting it kick mine.

How was your week?


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One Response to Fitness Friday

  1. Dave says:

    OK, so, I’ll take a 7:30 if you make it to your class, otherwise I’m slacking off. There, now my health and fitness depend on your decision making. Can you carry the burden? 🙂

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