Music Monday // Tallest Man On Earth

I love when people tell me about new music.  Music that I need to hear because they think I’ll really enjoy it.  Generally, they’re right.

The other day my friend came to me and said “I need you to hear this band!  I really think you’ll like them.”  She pulls up YouTube and starts playing a few songs.  She was right.

The band: Tallest Man on Earth

The songs: The Gardener

and King of Spain

and Love Is All

There were others but these have been my favorites so far as I’m discovering this band and what they have to offer.  This music is definitely folky and unique but if that’s your style or you have eclectic tastes like I do, you’ll probably enjoy them too.

What new (or re-discovered) music have you been loving?

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1 Response to Music Monday // Tallest Man On Earth

  1. b says:

    Sissy, have you checked out my friend’s “band,” er, duo? I know I talked to you about them ages ago, but here they are again. They seem to be on the up and up, or so we all hope!

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