Bright and Early

Saturday started bright and early but before we made our way anywhere, I knew I was going to need some fuel.  Thank goodness there was a coffee pot in our cabin and I was able to make a small cup of coffee and snag a granola bar from my swag bag to get me going.

We then made our way down to the Boot camp sponsored by ProBar and led by Lindsay and Tina.  Before getting started with Boot camp, FitMixer showed up with some FitMixer Aminos to get us some fuel.  I was excited to get to try the Amino and get a sneak peak at the product being utilized during their boot camp I start next week.

Bootcamp kicked my butt but was also a lot of fun.  I’m sure we looked a bit ridiculous to any passersby but we had a good time and that’s what counts.

After a quick change of clothes, we made our way to breakfast which was sponsored by Xagave.  It was amazing!  (Coffee was provided by Green Mountain Coffee and juice by Cheribundi).

We had a wide selection of food choices including: oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, bagels, toast, and muffins.  But I feel like I should also mention Xagave’s attention to detail when it came to the look of the breakfast.  Everything was color coordinated and decorated adorably.  Their hard work did not go unnoticed.

I ultimately went for a bowl of oatmeal piled high with fresh fruit, slivered almonds and almond butter, with a side of banana and coffee with coconut milk.  So good.  When everyone kept raving about the muffins, I went back to grab one but was too full to finish it.  But it was good.

We took our time eating and enjoying each others company and I got the pleasure of getting to spend some time chatting with two of the FitMixer reps about the bootcamp and blogging.

Thank you so much to Xagave for the amazing breakfast and FitMixer for some awesome Aminos before our bootcamp.

Want more? Welcome to Blend!

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7 Responses to Bright and Early

  1. Lauren says:

    It was so great meeting you this weekend!
    That breakfast on Saturday was so awesome and impressive. I wanted to try everything, but there’s only so much room in my tummy! And honestly- I don’t know what I liked better: boot camp or breakfast! Both were wonderful!

  2. Katie says:

    Wonderful recap! It was great to meet you this weekend, thank you for coming! xoxo

  3. Love your recap. Those Fitmixer people were awesome. And the muffins. Can we just live in Blend-land?

  4. cottercrunch says:

    so fun! i am there next year for sure! and with healthy bites. Email me when you want yours!

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