Music Monday

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard Lovedrug.  Whether that be me playing it on my iTunes or hearing it on the radio.  It’s been awhile.  Like maybe since college awhile.

That was until I was driving home from work last night.

I was sitting in traffic on the 10 when this song came on and something struck a chord in me.  It must have been that college nostalgia but I knew this song needed to replace my originally planned Music Monday post for today.  Sometimes that happens.  Because music hits some pretty strong chords sometimes.

This is taken in my friend’s dorm room – first semester of college.

This song took me back to college.  It took me back to the first friend I made at Berklee, Chase, who introduced me to Lovedrug and lots of other good music I had never known.

Nostalgia; it’s a strong thing.  Music; it is too.

What bands or artists bring you some nostalgia?

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3 Responses to Music Monday

  1. katy says:

    Jimmy Eat World brings on major nostalgia, especially “Bleed American”. Also Guster’s “Keep It Together” makes everything right in the world.

  2. Great song!

    Lifehouse ‘EVerything’ always remind me of college…

  3. This is going to be cliche, but Satellite by Dave Matthews was my “happy” song in high school. It came on the radio the other day and I couldn’t help but smile.

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