I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!

Did you do anything fun?

Since I was working most of the weekend, the highlight for me was Justine’s bachelorette party. I’ll be honest, this would probably be the highlight even if I wasn’t working the weekend. It was definitely some of the most fun I’ve had in quite some time.

We had a great group of ladies out to celebrate and now I really can’t wait for the wedding in July!  But with that, I need to pick out a dress.  EEK! Anyone out there see any cute (and affordable) dresses that would look good on me and be perfect for the wedding?  I repeat affordable…sorry, I’m on a budget!

Anyway, despite working most of the weekend, I do have the pleasure of having the next few days off work to relax and rejuvenate.  (And catch up on sleep!)  I honestly have no plans other than tackling my to-do list (which is fairly reasonable in length) and relaxing.  I want to do nothing else.  Sorry but I think it’s deserved.

Cheers to the next  couple days off.

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14 Responses to Cheers

  1. Lauren says:

    Ahhh I miss bachelorette parties! I went to some wild, crazy ones in my 20s. I got married last year, and my friends threw me and awesome one. We were a little too old for the crazy shenanigans that went on when they got married, but they put together this AWESOME Amazing Race scavenger hunt for me all over town. We divided up into teams and had to find all these clues and do crazy challenges- it was SO awesome!

  2. Holly A. says:

    Love bachelorette parites, too! I just went to a wedding last weekend and I wore a great spring dress from Target. Maybe check that out?

  3. Bachelorette parties are so fun! My little sister is getting married next year and I am excited for hers! You looked so pretty, as always! Great looking group of girls!!

    Check out forever 21!

    • Good idea! I found a good possibility but I think the color is wrong for my super pale skin. So far my best find was Express but it was $80 and I’m not sure that’s in budget! ha!

  4. Have you check out Rent The Runway?

    We swear by this here in NYC


  5. Yay for bachelorette parties! Actually the idea is fun but some of them get out of hand and I end up calling for a ride home lol.
    Hope you have a good week relaxing! That’s my week too! Worked a lot last week, all day outside Saturday (90 degree weather) AND memorial day night so I’m looking forward to some hang out time. 🙂

    • Thankfully this didn’t get out of hand. In fact, if / when I get married, this is the kind of bachelorette party I’d want. Something fun but also where we all feel beautiful.

  6. chimes says:

    I like the graphic that you included. I spent the weekend watching 90210 (read: CRAP TEEN DRAMA) and was surprised when I thought, “Dang those girls look grossly thin” instead of “God I’m fat.”

    And yay for bachelorette parties! Those are the best.

  7. Brittany says:

    How fun!! All my friends are married now, so I’m going to miss bachelorette parties! I recently got a really cute dress from Forever 21!

  8. Ok, so I’ve gotten SO behind in my blog reading lately, but I was determined to get caught up with you so…I just read ALL of your posts all the way back to the Blend recaps! Whew!

    So nice to be able to relax and unwind after a busy weekend! Looks like you had fun at the bachelorette party! I think you should totally go with a one strap dress…you totally have the collar bones/shoulders for it hottie! 😉

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