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Fitness Friday // And the Unexpected Thursday

To anyone who follows me on Instagram, I apologize for any scare if and when you saw this: To anyone who doesn’t follow me on Instagram, it’s @ktyou and you should.  Instagram is fun!  And I promise not all of … Continue reading

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Fitness Friday // Want to join in?

I wake up early pretty much everyday.  Generally that means a trip to the gym when they open at 5am to get it over with and avoid most of the crowds.  It also pretty much means I wake up early … Continue reading

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Fitness Friday

I’m getting my butt kicked!  These workouts are deceivingly difficult.  I’m loving every moment but there’s definitely been a mind over matter struggle going on.  And if I’m completing (or trying to complete) them at home, that struggle doubles.  Apparently … Continue reading

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Foodie for a Day // FitMixer

When I signed up for the LiveFit program back at the beginning of the year, I decided not to follow the meal plan. What I needed was a workout to change things up and keep me motivated and I’ve always … Continue reading

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Fitness Friday // Bootcamp Week 1

FitMixer Bootcamp Week 1 completed! Phew…I did it! Last night we had our first conference call.  It was a great opportunity for the FitMixer team to touch base on several questions or comments they’ve received from the participants regarding our … Continue reading

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My Initial Reaction

Yesterday started the kick off of the Fit Mixer bootcamp.  You’ll have to excuse me as this is only the beginning of my talking about it.  The bootcamp goes on for 12 weeks and while I don’t plan to talk … Continue reading

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Music Monday // A New Workout Playlist

With the FitMixer bootcamp I’ve been talking about for a few weeks starting today, I figured it was about time I get a new workout playlist together.  I was in need of a new one anyway, but now I really … Continue reading

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