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Music Monday: The Lumineers // Self-Titled Album

I wanted to write a long post breaking down my completely 100 percent honest opinion about this album.  Someday maybe I still will; maybe this is it.  The problem I’m facing is that while I’m over the move from indie … Continue reading

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Finding Your Inspiration

Some people would call me crazy.  I had a job in the music industry that I really did enjoy but I chose to leave.  The company was awesome, my bosses and coworker were awesome and our clients were awesome.  So … Continue reading

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"Smashed in my car window, didn’t touch the stereo"

Sometimes it’s easy to still be a bit bitter over everything that happened.  Sometimes it’s hard to not still feel a bit burned.  But all of this aside, they are amazing musicians who deserve to witness their dreams come true. … Continue reading

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Music Monday – The Lumineers

Today it hits close to home but I still want to share…  If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I used to manage a band called The Lumineers.  If you’ve been reading a bit, you also … Continue reading

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Apology from a Foodie

Let me start by apologizing for my delay and lack of posts these past couple of weeks.  With school and some crazy stuff at work leading to 10-12 hour days, I come home mentally and physically exhausted so I pour … Continue reading

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A Moment You Wish You Could Relive – Day 23

I’m stumped.  Is that bad?  It’s not that there aren’t moments I want to relive, because I have some great memories that I would love to relive but at the same time, if we relive those moments over again, are … Continue reading

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A Photo of You and Your Family – Day 17

Would you believe I don’t actually have that many photos of my family on my computer? The ones that I do have are older and from when I made my sister a photo book before she joined the Peace Corps.  … Continue reading

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